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Zissou in His Tire-Boat

Zissou in His Tire-Boat

Jacques Henri Lartigue
French, 1894–1986
Zissou in His Tire-Boat, 1912, printed c. 1977
gelatin silver print
Gift of Laurie Graham, 2010.20

Jacques Henri Charles au Lartigue developed an obsession with photography when he was only eight years old, after he was given his first camera. He recorded the childhood antics and adventures of a boy born into an affluent family during the belle époque; this image is of his brother Maurice, whom he called “Zissou,” and whom was known for his inventions. As Lartigue recounted, “Zissou…does not dream; Zissou invents.”

Filmmaker Wes Anderson has been influenced by Lartigue’s style and the character of Zissou, evident in his film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.



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